Extra TLC for Pets with Special Needs in Topeka, Kansas

It’s a time every pet parent hates, but it happens, nonetheless.

Your dog or cat is sick, elderly, recovering from surgery or bad health or perhaps even dying.

So, what does a pet guardian do when life still demands their attention and you must leave your pet home alone?

Topeka Introduces the First Pet Nursing Hotel

Fortunately, for pet owners who live in or around Topeka, Kansas, there’s a new, personalized pet boarding option for pets who need extra love and care when they can’t be with their humans. It’s called the Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel with 24/7 care and operated by its Founder, Leslie Fleuranges, aka Comforter-in-Chief.

Leaving a sick, disabled or chronically ill pet (including diabetes, kidney disease, epilepsy, mobility issues, cancer and other health challenges) often leaves pet parents feeling distracted with worry. Knowing their pet is under constant and expert nursing care offers priceless peace of mind when that pet needs extra TLC and compassion.

Run by a Pet Parent for Pet Parents

As a pet parent herself along with many years in the pet industry, Leslie has a vast knowledge of animal health. Combining this knowledge with her deep love and compassion for all pets, the Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel is dedicated to offering the best loving and individualized respite care to pets with special needs when they, and their pet guardians, need it most. Care includes administering medications, monitoring vitals, changing wound dressings and much more.

Spa-Like Healing for Dogs & Cats

Caring for a special needs pet is no easy task for the pet guardian and can lead to exhaustion, sadness, fear and even depression. These negative emotions not only take an adverse toll on the pet owner but also their pet. So, it’s critical to find qualified support and options to effectively manage the stress and share the responsibility of caring for a sick, senior or handicapped canine or feline.

Topeka’s TLC Pet Nursing Hotel offers a beautiful, spa-style home-away-from-home for their pet guests, both small and large. Amenities include:

  • Soothing music and aromatherapy
  • Pet chauffeur service
  • Separate suites for privacy and comfort
  • Complete separation of the dog and cat suites to reduce stress
  • Decorative baffling that reduces sound levels so pets can fully relax

Pet parents can be ensured their beloved dog or cat is being monitored around-the-clock with visual monitoring through each in-suite camera system.

For added peace of mind, detailed health monitoring is available with a wireless, non-invasive, state-of-the-art PetPace collar. Vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration and heart rate), activity levels and body positioning are continuously collected and monitored from the pets wearing the PetPace Monitoring Collar.

Compassionate Palliative & Hospice Care

TLC Pet Nursing Hotel is committed to providing the best quality of life for pets with special needs. Whether it’s pets with serious or chronic illnesses or hospice care for terminally ill pets, each will be surrounded with love and comfort and receive only expert personalized pet care.

TLC offers true peace-of-mind when pet guardians can’t be there for their pet, whether it’s long days at the office or trips out of town. The dedicated, professional and experienced staff at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel will ensure your pet is well-cared for and loved during your absence.

Do you have a sick, elderly, recovering or dying pet you don’t want to leave home alone?

Welcome to the Tender Loving Care

Pet Nursing Hotel in Topeka, Kansas!

Our new and comfortable facility offers your pet round-the-clock care with expert and loving attention.

Peace of mind when you can’t be there for them.

Call us today at 785-329-6141 or email us at info@TLCpetNursingHotel.com for more information or to schedule a visit to our facility.

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