TLC Pet Nursing Hotel offers full dog grooming services and cat nail trims.


Bath Time!

At Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel, All Baths Include Shampoo/Conditioner, Towel and Blow Dry, Brush Out and Cologne Spritz
Note: Prices are based on weight, please call (785) 329-6141 for more information
Ala Carte Services for Dogs are also available:
Your pup will get suds up and leave smelling great after their grooming session at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel.
TLC Pet Nursing Hotel's groomer will shampoo and condition your dog's fur and then give them a full brush out and cologne spritz so they leave smelling and looking great!
TLC Pet Nursing Hotel can trim and file your cat's nails.
TLC Pet Nursing Hotel's Grooming Services include haircuts and baths!

Pawdicure - Dogs and Cats!

  • We’ll cut and file down your pet’s toenails for a round, smooth, and soft edge

Shed Control Treatments

  • We’ll get rid of all that excess coat that ends up being left all over your house, and your dog will leave feeling 1,000lbs lighter.
    • We get the fur on our clothes so you don’t have to!

Anal Gland Expression

  • Does your pup have a stinky butt? Do they do butt-scootches on your carpet a little too often? It might be time to get their anal gland expressed!
  • Note: smaller breeds typically need their anal gland expressed more frequently than larger dogs

Healthy Skin & Coat Treatment

  • Dry, itchy, and flakey skin is no match for TLC!
  • Our healthy skin and coat treatment will put nutrients back into your dog’s skin and coat.
  • Keep in mind that short haired breeds are more prone to skin issues such as dry skin.

Brush Outs

  • We can detangle and un-mat your dog’s coat
  • Regular maintenance brushing

Puppy Package

  • Get young puppies acquainted with the grooming process to ensure they become comfortable with it at an early age.
  • If you have a puppy under six months old, our Puppy Package is for you!
  • Package includes:
    • Bath
    • Blow dry
    • Brush out
    • Nail trim
    • Ear cleaning
    • Light trim if needed (face, paws, sanitary trim)