Anxious pets thrive at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel.

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Facts About
Pet Anxiety

Most of us have moments when we feel anxious and unsure. Our pets also suffer from anxiety and stress! In the case of cats it’s a natural response and can become debilitating. It can lead to poor quality of life, worsen medical issues, and cause a change in their behavior.

In a recent study, 73% of dogs expressed anxiety-related behavior. Signs that your dog may be suffering from anxiety include Being stressed and anxious can have a huge impact their quality of life. So, it is important to find ways to minimize their stress. Signs that they might be suffering include: shivering, pacing and restlessness, excessive licking or chewing, or destroying furniture.

Facts About Anxious Dogs

Using behavior modification, environmental adjustments, obtaining prescribed medication or purchasing calming supplements can all help ease stress and anxiety. Consult your veterinarian if your dog shows signs of anxiety.

At Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel, we specialize in helping to reduce a dogs’ stress, via our Dog Enrichment Academy! The term enrichment is a meant to suggest enriching a pet’s mind. We do this by using their brains to solve puzzles, seek out solutions using their natural senses and learn how to interact with new sounds, people, places, and other pets.

Give us a call to see if your dog will thrive at the TLC Dog Enrichment Academy.

Anxiety or Stress Triggers for Dogs

Facts About Anxious Cats

We all know that cats are independent beings. However, they experience stress at higher levels than dogs. Whether it’s the fire engine outside, the doorbell, or a trip to the vet, cats get spooked which ignites fear. A few ways to help your cat:

At Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel, our Cat Penthouse is located upstairs away from the dog area to maintain a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Cats can stay in their custom built suites or roam around on cat poles or stay situated in one of our window nooks. Some pet parents bring water fountains to stimulate hydration one parent even brings an office chair that their cat has commandeered. 

Common Anxiety Triggers for Cats