Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel is a luxury hotel for pets.

We offer Daycare, Overnight Boarding and Grooming for cats and dogs who would thrive in an environment different than a regular pet care facility.

TLC specializes in caring for anxious pets, blind, deaf, and recovering pets. Pets that have mobility issues, older pets and pets that need extra loving, vigilance and attention when you need to be away. 

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What makes TLC special

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Love is the center

When your special pet is in our care, they’ll receive customized, credentialed, compassionate care and love just like they never left home.

We are the place for your pet to stay overnight or during the day when they have any medical or limiting condition.

Your pet will have the best care in a comfortable, home-like setting.

Suite Stays

Our pet nursing hotel was thoughtfully designed to provide a loving, comfortable environment for both cats and dogs.

Your pet will rest in accommodations that feel like home. Every detail of your pet’s suite was planned out to reduce stress and help them relax.







(Staffed 24/7)











Our Enrichment Academy is a new kind of doggy daycare! It’s specially designed for smart, bored and anxious pets by providing them with an individualized, structured day that will increase their socialization and reduce anxiety. 

At TLC’s Enrichment Academy, your pup will receive:

» Structured engagement

» Mental/cognitive training

» Sensorial training

» Physical play

» Socialization training

At the end of a day at TLC’s Enrichment Academy, your dog will come home tired but not exhausted.

Compassionate farewells

Your pet is a member of your family and we understand how hard it is to say goodbye. Our serene environment will help you share meaningful final moments with your pet before they’re released of their pain. Your companion will ease from this life in a soothing, comfortable living room style setting.

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Introducing a new standard in doggie daycare!