Our Story

Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel opened in May, 2020 in Topeka, KS just as the Pandemic was taking hold of the country. 

At that time, people were not traveling or going into the office. Despite the circumstances, TLC survived the trials of the pandemic and is honored to have been voted the “Best Place to Board a Pet” in 2020 and 2021!  

Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel is unique.  A luxury pet hotel, located in a single-family home, it has been renovated and designed specifically to care for your pet as if he or she was still at home. Our Team is on-site 24/7 to make sure their every need is being met. 

But what really differentiates TLC from other pet facilities is the emphasis we place on caring for pets with special needs. Say your dog doesn’t play well with other dogs, TLC is for you. Maybe you have a new puppy or kitten or your dog suffers from anxiety and needs one-on-one care, TLC is for you. If you have an older dog who is less mobile or requires a specific medication regimen, TLC is perfect for your pet. These special needs are real and we love making sure each of our pet guests get the customized care they require. 

TLC is famous for sending Daily Report Cards with photos to pet parents giving Mom and Dad an update each day. Treat Time is at 11am, 2pm and 7pm. Dogs are walked every 2 hours and our professional Pet Cuddlers are making the rounds several times a day. 

This same level of personalized care is provided for our other services as well including:

• Daycare
• Dog Enrichment Classes
• Grooming
• Pet Massage
• Pet Reiki 
• Concierge Transport
• Palliative Care & Counseling

Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel is operated by its Founder, Leslie Fleuranges, aka Comforter-in-Chief. Call (785) 329-6141 or stop by for a tour, we are proud of what we have created. 


The mission of TLC Pet Nursing Hotel is to deliver compassionate respite care to pets with special needs with warm, loving, and individualized attention. Pet parents are confident knowing TLC’s highly trained Tender Loving Caregivers are devoted to imparting the same love and care the pet receives at home 24 hours a day.
Leslie Fleuranges


Leslie Fleuranges

Leslie is a doting pet parent dedicated to supporting other doting pet parents. She’s knows the unique challenges that arise when animal companions are sick, recovering, or elderly.

A former marketing, innovation, and product development leader for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, she has a deep base of knowledge about the animal health industry. She’s thrilled to bring this first of its kind service to Kansas.

Leslie is a dog mom to her beloved Lhasa Apso, Mimi. They love taking long walks and driving around with all the windows down. Though Mimi is small, her courage is not; she has complete confidence in her deer and turkey chasing abilities.

Mimi’s best trait is her capacity for giving and receiving love. Those qualities are at the heart of everything TLC does for pets and their parents. 


Dawn Davison

Assistant Manager
Ty Goeke, Enrichment Counselor


enrichment director
Aspen Hearne, Groomer at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel

Aspen Hearne

Mellisa Botello, Suite Assistant at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel

Mellisa Botello

Vet Tech
Carla Nelson, Vet Tech at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel

Carla Nelson

Vet Tech
Cara Puglisi, Receptionist at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel

Cara Puglisi

Nicole Wallace, Suite Assistant at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel

Nicole Wallace

Suite Assistant

Ciji Locust

Suite Assistant
April Mitchell, Suite Assistant at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel

April Mitchell

Suite Assistant
Alyssa Robinson, Jr. Suite Assistant at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel in Topeka, KS.

Alyssa Robinson

Jr. Suite Assistant
Savanna Schmidt, Jr. Suite Assistant at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel

Savanna Schmidt

Jr. Suite Assistant
Faye Miller, Masssage therapist

Faye Miller

Massage Therapist
Amy Hayse, Reiki Practitioner


Sherry Alatassi, Pet Cuddler

Sherry Alatassi

Star Brandenburgh, Jr. Pet Cuddler




Advisory Board

Edward Joyce

Finance & Operations

Vickie O'Grain

Veterinarian Technician Past President NAVTA

Antonia pennisi

HR specialist
Geoff headshot

Geoff Tolsdorf

Marketing & Strategy

Susan Jones, DVM

Veterinarian Consultant

Kasha Stoll

Public Relations & Communication