How To Take Care Of A Cat

Here are eight things you should know about your cat:

  1. Cats are independent beings. They like to choose when they want to be in your space, so let them approach you if you want to pet or snuggle with them.

    playful cat

  2. Do not force cats to be pet, that is very stressful for them.
  3. When you are holding your cat, avoid a tight grip since this will cause anxiety.
  4. How can you tell when a cat is stressed? Watch out for these telltale signs: their body tenses up, their pupils dilate, their ears pull back and/or they may cry out or start hissing.
  5. A sure way to know if your cat wants to hang out with you for a while – they will rub up against you or an object nearby, lick your arm or leg or curl up beside you. This is when you know it’s time for a good petting session.

    pretty kitty

  6. If your cat is comfortable with being picked up, make sure you do so with both hands, securing her back legs and behind. Be sure to have her as close to your body as possible so that she feels safe and is not dangling in the air
  7. Never lift your cat by the scruff, that is painful for them. 
  8. If you haven’t already noticed, most cats prefer not to have their feet touched.

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