Klimb for dog trainingPet parents have asked us why we use “KLIMB” platforms to train dogs! The answer is, they help your dog learn faster. 

There is a reason zoo animal trainers train a “station” behavior as one of the animal’s fundamental skills. When an animal is on a station, they become more focused on the trainer. The animal is less likely to become distracted by things in the environment. With increased focus and decreased interruptions, the training session runs much more smoothly, allowing the trainer to accomplish the task.

Professional dog trainers recognize the same benefits when working with dogs. The KLIMB creates an elevated and defined space for the dog to work on. The dogs come to know that when the KLIMB is out, it’s time to learn. Similar to how students respond when sitting at a desk, our dogs enter into a “learning” mode. This defined space helps increase impulse control and focus, making teaching any new cue easier.

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