TLC’s Furever & Ever Friends: Lulu

Lulu was my 8 year old Yorkie that passed away on August 11th and I had her since she was 8 weeks old. She was an absolute angel and blessing in my life. She was my everything and I am completely heartbroken without her. She and I had such a close bond, that I always was so afraid of losing her.  
She had overcame so many illnesses in her life and we did everything we could to provide her with the best love and care. She had IVDD and had back surgery in 2017, skin cancer in 2020 then chronic pancreatitis that later turned into diabetes. 
Unfortunately, after several trips to the ER, our vet and a veterinary hospital, she was finally appropriately diagnosed but she was so ill by that point that she wasn’t able to fight any longer, and we chose to end her suffering.  
We weren’t there when she passed as she started to have respiratory failure while hospitalized and it was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I wanted to be there, but we had been there earlier that day and brought her favorite toy and blanket prior, and I think that helped her to let go.  
She was the most special and loved pup and I feel as though I lost my child, my baby. I’ve lost so many loved ones in my life, but this has been the most difficult loss. There are no words or emotions that could describe the bond and love we shared. She was so smart, sweet, loving, loyal and spiritual animal. We could communicate to each other without words and with our eyes. When she looked at you, she looked into your soul and you into hers. I shared her with my ex fiancee and he passed away last year. I always said that as long as I have Lulu I will be okay, and when I don’t, I don’t know what I’ll do. That is how I feel now.  I love and miss her more than anything on Earth and I’m really struggling. – Jessica Grubbs

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