TLC’s Furever & Ever Friends: Chewie

Chewbacca “Chewie” was a protector, watching over his ‘flock’ of people and animals. He was a friend, snuggling with small kittens and playing with children. He was 135 pounds of pure joy and love! 
Chewie entered our lives suddenly, and he brought a love and joy into our lives that shined like the sun. He left us as suddenly as he had arrived, but time alone doesn’t determine the value of a life. The sun set on our time with him far too soon, and we are heartbroken by the loss of his presence in our lives,

but the love our beautiful boy gave is with us. It will continue on, shining as brightly as the sun, as we share it with other furry friends who need a family, safety, and love. Chewie was a very good boy. – Lisa Smith

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