Now Offering Dog Training!

Whether you are starting them young or trying to correct an established bad habit, all dogs can learn new tricks!

Our lead trainer, Cheyenne, has more than six years’ experience in training dogs of all ages, breeds, personalities, and behaviors. She helps dogs and their owners break down any communication barriers, learn new skills, and strengthen the bond they share. 

To ensure the best results, Cheyenne evaluates all dog participants prior to class and creates customized training sessions.

Training Programs


We’ll create a customized puppy-training plan that fits the needs of both you and your soon-to-be “Good Dog!”

Emphasizing the importance of proper socialization, basic obedience, kennel training, housebreaking, and grooming manners. While breaking the bad habits such as mouthing, jumping, chewing, and pulling on the leash.

Perfect for Puppies (up to six months old)


Includes basic skills such as potty training, kennel training, and socialization, as well as how to control or stop unwanted chewing, biting, and barking.

Perfect for Puppies (up to six months old)


We’ll create a customized training plan to start curving those unwanted behaviors so you and your best friend can enjoy life the way you have always wanted!  

Perfect for Dogs (seven months and older)
*Evaluation Required*

Helping dogs exercise, burn energy, manage weight and improve mobility! 
Offered for Adult Dogs (1+ years)

Contact us to schedule your no cost evaluation!       

We hope to see you and your four-legged friends soon! 

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