Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel is Being Featured in A New Fidelity State Bank & Trust TV Commercial

Starting a small business is never easy. There are at least 10,000 things you need to do, most for the very first time!

One of those virgin “to-do’s” is applying for a new business loan. (I still get cold sweats thinking about it.) I had to provide so much documentation, far more than I did when I purchased a house! For instance, I had to develop a mission, a strategic plan, a business plan, and financial projections. I had to file papers with the state and it went on from there.

Thankfully, I was introduced to the folks at Fidelity State Bank & Trust Co. They are experts at working with small and first-time business owners through the process. More importantly, though, they understood how unique Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel would be, AND they were able to see my vision of transforming a former beauty salon into a pet nursing hotel!

I learned so much working with the bank officers at Fidelity. The best thing was learning that I didn’t need to borrow all the money at once; I only had to borrow enough for each construction phase. 

Amazingly enough, my contractor, Shirley Construction, also banked at Fidelity State Bank& Trust. Everything went relatively smoothly, considering the breadth of the remodel.

Throughout the process, Fidelity’s CEO Allan Towle and Executive Vice President Mark Kossler were very patient and reassuring. I am so appreciative of that, especially since TLC opened its doors for business on May 18, 2020, right as the Covid-19 lockdown went into effect. Our potential customers were stranded at home with their pets, unable to travel or go to work!! Our timing could not have been any worse.

Thanks to hard work and the support of some great people, GTP and many local companies, we have persevered. Even better, now that the pandemic is essentially over and folks are traveling again, TLC is growing!

Recently, Allan Towle decided to introduce a new advertising campaign for Fidelity, and he wanted to feature Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel. I literally jumped for joy! What an awesome opportunity to promote my partners at the bank while showing off TLC! It’s running now – and be sure to check it out here! I am grateful to Fidelity State Bank & Trust Co. for their partnership and continued commitment to me and other small businesses in Topeka. Indeed “they do business right here at home”.

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