Tail Bangers Treats Now Available at TLC Pet Hotel

When I was at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. here in Topeka, Kansas, my position in the marketing and innovation group entailed developing and introducing new, innovative products. One of my assignments was a bit different – I was asked to re-invigorate our current line of Dog Treats! 

Our research showed that a science-based company offering treats seemed antithetical to our buyers!  How could anything that was supposed to be good for you be a treat?? I mean, I get it – pet parents want to indulge their dogs when they give them treats. Afterall, when we treat our pet we want to give them something delicious!  

Tail Bangers logoWell, 15 years later I own Tender Loving Care Pet Hotel and I love finding new products that can benefit our pet guests. When I was last in New York City, I saw these treats in a dog boutique and I knew immediately that these all-natural Tail Bangers treats would be a great special treat for our canine guests. They’re big, they look delish, contain wonderful ingredients and best of all, dogs love them! 

Tail Bangers Treats contain all good things that dogs love and you can feel about giving them: peanut butter, honey, cheese, bacon and yogurt. Some of the Tail Bangers treats are coated in ‘carob’. One of our TLC Team members asked what carob is. Well, carob is used as a chocolate substitute because it doesn’t contain caffeine. Its fiber rich and contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It can also have a beneficial effect on a dogs’ digestive system.

Tail Bangers Treats available at TLC Pet Nursing Hotel in Topeka, KS.

You can choose from these five Tail Bangers Treats:

  • Peanut Butter Bone $2.00
  • Squirrel $3.00
  • Doggie Donuts $3.00
  • Tail Waggers $4.00
  • Twist & Bark (Pretzel Shape) $4.00

Call us at Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel to order some. The number for TLC is (785) 329-6141, we can mail them to you, or stop in. We accept all credit cards, checks and cash. Our introductory promotion is Buy 2 (two) $3-4 Treats, get a FREE peanut butter bone.

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