Spay-Neuter Special for Pitbulls at Helping Hands Humane Society Community Clinic this February

No Qualifications Required For This $60 Spay-Neuter Special

Helping Hands Humane Society’s Community Clinic Made Possible by Hill’s Pet Nutrition is showing love to pitbulls and pitbull mixes this February by offering a $60 spay-neuter special for families. Anyone in the community can take advantage of this special – there are no qualifications required to apply other than your pet being an unsterilized pitbull or pitbull mix.

“40% of all lost dogs reclaimed at HHHS are pitbulls and pittie mixes,” says Grace Clinton, Director of Philanthropy. “Pibble (as we affectionately call them) overpopulation is very real in our community. That’s why we are offering this special specifically to families who have pitbulls and pitbull mixes. By getting your pet sterilized now, you can prevent accidental and unwanted litters from entering the shelter in 2023.”

Thanks to two generous donors, the first 60 families to participate in the special will be offered pet microchipping free of charge. A microchip is permanent identification inserted beneath the skin between a dog’s shoulder blades; it can be scanned at any humane society or vet’s office with a microchip scanner. The chip information is connected to the guardian’s contact information, which is how you are alerted that your pet has been found.

“A microchip provides peace of mind,” says Shelby Spradling, HHHS Community Clinic Coordinator. “It’s a great service we can provide during the February special thanks to our donors. For more information and to apply for the special visit Disregard the qualifications section of the application – for the February special, everyone with a pibble qualifies! Guardians with more than one pitbull to be sterilized will only pay $30 for each dog after the first $60 sterilization thanks to another generous supporter.

“We can only combat pet overpopulation together as a community,” says Grace Clinton. “If you would like to help sponsor this event and support our shelter’s efforts, check out the sponsorship form on our website or contact me at Thank you for helping us ‘fix’ pet overpopulation!”

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