TLC Pet Daycare Enrichment Academy

What is Pet Enrichment?

  • Structured engagement instead of running around all day with 10+ dogs
  • Mental/cognitive training
  • Sensorial training
  • Physical play
  • Socialization training

Why Pet Enrichment?

  • Individual interaction with our staff
      • Dogs are evaluated to determine what they like
  • Mental stimulation
      • Allows your dog to think and use his/her brain
      • Build confidence and self-control
  • More rest periods
      • Shorter, higher energy playtimes
      • Vital to instruction
      • Allows dogs to follow the play/rest schedule of real life
      • Helps dogs learn how to settle down
  • Structured play with matched dogs
      • More like a nursery school setting than a recess yard
      • Not a one-size-fits-all
  • Smaller play groups
      • Dogs are rotated through a series of scheduled activities throughout the day
      • It’s estimated than less that 40% of dogs really like to play with other dogs
      • They often get irritable and aggressive in big groups

Enrollment Pricing

  • $45/Day
  • If Boarding, $75/Boarding + $15 for Enrichment
Enrichment is provided Monday – Friday. Apply Today Fill out the Application form below. Then Click Register Now to set up you and your pet’s TLC Dog Enrichment Academy Profile!
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Application below

TLC Enrichment Academy Application

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