I was compelled to start Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel after my personal and professional lives converged in a deeply emotional manner. As the Innovation Director and Long-Term Innovation Director of Hill’s Pet Nutrition, makers of Science Diet pet food, I spent my days focusing on how pet parents could help keep their beloved cats and dogs as healthy and energetic as possible. At the same time, I spent my evenings and weekends watching my once-vibrant parents struggle through the devastating effects of old age. I became acutely aware of the special needs of the elderly and of the impact aging and ill health has on an entire family. With my parents frequently on my mind, I began noticing similarities between my family and those of pet parents with aging cats and dogs. I often attended focus groups while at work and heard heart-breaking stories of sacrifice.

Pet parents were forgoing parties, weddings, graduations and vacations to stay home and care for their sick or dying pet baby. They were even taking time off work. Many of them tried asking for help from friends and family, but that rarely worked out well. Often, they would return home to find things worse off than when they left. Of course, veterinarians and boarding facilities exist, but these options are not always optimal. Vets treat ailing cats and dogs in a clinical setting; boarding facilities and doggy day cares are full of healthy, rambunctious dogs. Where could pet parents take their sick and elderly pets when they had to work, attend functions and events, or even just take a break? Who would give these special pets the love and medical care they need?

I have tremendous empathy for sweet fur babies that require special handling, and no one seemed to be offering a solid solution. So, I became determined to make a special home away from home for these ailing, elderly, recovering and dying pets. After all, every pet needs tender loving care.

At Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel our guests will be treated to:
 A devoted staff of care takers
 Round-the-clock care to make sure they are thriving, not just surviving
 Unconditional love, so they feel as though they are at home with you where they
get the same loving and care

 Ultra-comfortable luxury suites that feature premium bedding, soft blankets,
treats and one-on-one time
 Serene accommodations to keep our feline babies stress free until you return
 Meticulous post-surgical care to ensure successful rehabilitation
 Chauffeured rides to veterinarian of record, as needed

My parents are gone now. My Mom passed in January of 2019 at the age of 97, and she was extremely well cared for in her last years! I told her about my plans for TLC, and she thought it was a brilliant idea. She knew how much I love my pets. She often said, “your dogs are the best cared for dogs in all of Kansas!” Little did she know that I am just one of many pet parents who treasure their pets and give them unconditional love.

Now, with the Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel, I can help pet parents in Northeast Kansas make sure their beloved cat or dog receives all the TLC imaginable.

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